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Benefiting People, Changing Lives

At Neucor Holdings, we promote products which contribute to your health, beauty and longevity.



Neucor Holdings promotes healthcare and beauty products that benefit and change lives.

The essence of any healthcare product should be to help you look better, feel healthier and live longer. We bring in superior products that truly benefit people, offering them options for health which suit them best.

Neucor Holdings Pte Ltd has held to this philosophy since 1996. We were the first company in Singapore to introduce online sales of healthcare products.
Back when we first started, after receiving aid from two reputed investors, we entered a collaborative service with Parkway Shenton providing integrated healthcare management to leading MNCs while marketing healthcare and beauty products to their staff. Doing so helped businesses create and manage attractive healthcare incentives for employees, at the same time presenting healthcare and beauty suppliers a low-cost, high-returns way to market quality goods.

As we grew, we moved to distributing and marketing in-demand brands and products, such as The Cambridge Diet, Blackmores, FlexiPatch and Nutriworks. These were widely distributed to pharmacies, medical clinics and retail outlets in Singapore and South East Asia, making them easily accessible for customers.

Today, Neucor Holdings continues its marketing and selling efforts with the goal of offering customers safe, clinically approved and greatly beneficial products. We also carry a specialized range of enzyme healthcare and professional-grade beauty products - Zyme11 , NeutriZymes, BioDTox, Vitality Whole Grains JingGuYuan and Dermoskin. These were produced with long-term health beauty benefits in mind targeting the vital basics in personal well-being.



Currently, we widely distribute healthcare and beauty products across South East Asia. Our newly launch online shop aims to bring quality products closer to customers.


In 2008, we collaborated with Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI), one of the longest standing nutrition schools in the world, to hold classes educating the health benefits of enzymes in Singapore.


Years into the nutrition industry, we discovered the power of enzyme products based on research from Dr DicQie Fuller-Looney, certified nutritionist, founder and president of the Transformative Enzyme Corporation. Enzymes remain a core focus in our product offerings today.


In the early 2000s, we were the first to launch healthcare products through e-commerce in Singapore.


We were also the sole distributor for a variety of brands such as Blackmores and Nutriworks to retail pharmacies.


Neucor Holdings was founded in 1996 after receiving financial backing from two reputed venture capitalists.


Zyme11 is Neucor's flagship enzyme product distributed through House of Enzymes franchising system. This unique system is aiming to develop and train a group of enzyme therapist in Singapore.

BioDTox is a quality product developed by Neucor Holdings Pte. Ltd. to ease constipation problems. It is one of the best selling detoxification product available in the market.

NeutriZymes is developed by a group of doctors and nutritionist in USA, and 100% made in USA. It comprises a range of specialised enzymes targeted for specific health needs.

Dermoskin is inspired by the doctor who is passionate & honesty to the natural beauty. We believe that everyone should have access to excellent and affordable skincare.

JingGuYuan is very different from any wholegrain products available in the market. It is mixed with an optimal proportion of a variety of grains which has its own unique nutritional characteristics and therapeutic value for good health.


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